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Stillness of Winter

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

I am a summer person. I am not overly (or even mildly) fond of the cold. I am a delicate vata which means I get cold very easily and stay cold. I am one of those women who wears hoodies year round and busts out the long-jane's in October (or September) at the slightest dip in temperature. That being said, the stillness and the quiet of winter is sheer bliss. The quiet that seems to blanket my world after a significant amount of snowfall is the one winter thing I look forward to. It forces a slower pace. Curling up in front of the fire with my dogs is a perfectly acceptable way to spend the ENTIRE day. It is permission to do nothing and LOVE it! Which I think the human spirit longs for more than we like to admit.

We recently received such a blessing and as much as I don't care for being in the cold I put on my snow pants, my snow boots, my hat and coat and mittens, and went out into the back yard to meditate in the stillness and silence. It felt sacred. I settled quickly. The swirl of thoughts - that incessant stream of mind chatter - quieted and moved into the periphery of my awareness - there but in no way obstructive to the communion with Spirit. I breathed easier even though that air was cold and crisp. I felt my shoulders drop, the crease of my forehead smooth, my jaws unclench, the knot in my stomach began to untangle, and eventually I felt light, relaxed, at ease.

With everyone else in the neighborhood staying inside where it was warm and cozy I was able to connect with Mother Earth in such a deep way. My heart completely opened up to Spirit. I set down things I had been carrying but were in no way serving me. I set new intentions that feed my heart and my soul. And I sat. Just sat - basking in that sacred silence. I didn't even feel cold really when I rose some time later. That sit was beautiful, profound, SACRED, and I gave thanks to the Universe for the beautiful gift of that cold, white blanket of winter snow.

Later, I invited my dogs to join me for a bit of winter fun, one of which you see below showering me with kisses. (Yes, I kiss my dogs. On the lips.) We played and laughed and very much enjoyed ourselves.

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