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Month-long Mindfulness Challenge

Month-long Mindfulness Challenge

If you've ever been curious about how you can add more Mindfulness into your daily life, then this Month-long Mindfulness Challenge is for YOU!

For each day of the month there is one simple and easy prompt suggestion of a way to be more Mindful that day. 
The aim of the challenge is to help you explore fun and engaging ways to bring Mindfulness into daily activity so that you begin to live a more Mindful life!

There are graphics with the prompt for every day of the month.
It can be helpful to put them as the wallpaper for your phone each day so that every time you pick up your phone you get a gentle reminder of the intention you set to be Mindful that day in a particular way.

There are short guided audio's for each day.
They offer tips or a short guided practice to help support your practice for the daily prompts.
They are also recorded as short video's, combining the graphic and the audio for day.

I am also providing a PDF text file of the daily prompts that you can print and keep handy for quick reference.

Download what you will use, and enjoy the challenge!


I suggest familiarizing yourself with each prompt the evening before.
You can listen to the audio or watch the short video (which consists of the graphic and audio combined) and change the wallpaper on your phone so you get the gentle reminder throughout the next day.

I also recommend taking a few moments to set an intention to be mindful in the particular way the prompt suggests.
Setting an intention can make the difference between remembering and forgetting to be Mindful.


Sample Day

Sample Day

Day 1 Dont Pick up the PhoneDar Shawver
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